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This year I am helping to make a teachers' textbook and the script for the NHK Education TV school programs "Tutu Ensemble". I will keep working for the possibility of educational TV school program through this program. Please give us all the encouragement you can!  Now in 1998, I am writing the textbook for "Ganba-recorder", a 3-minute section of "Tutu Ensemble" in the close discussion with the script writers about how we can best realize the content of this in a TV school program. The two performers, Ken Tanaka, an actor and a good performer on the Quena, and Asami Miwa (taking the role of a student) produce a warm, father-daughter-like atmosphere. I am giving them recorder lessons. Both of them are very studious and we surely can expect their quick progress.

I want to put various educational ideas in the program, like a happy introduction to the recorder performance, teaching methods for the recorder, or improvising while showing various incidents which can happen when the heart is involved with sounds relationship. I ask you for your best encouragement.

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