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Recorder concert at Planetarium →photos
Nov, 2013.we have recorder concert at Planetarium.
Recorder concert at Yokohama →photos
Nov, 2013.we have recorder concert at Yokohama.
Recorder concert at Ohita →photos
Oct, 2013.we have recorder concert at Ohita.
Recorder concert with Kuricorder Quartet →photos
Oct, 2013.we have recorder workshop at saitama.
Recorder museum at Sugigeki →photos
Sep, 2013.we have recorder concert with Kuricorder Quartet.
Glass Roots Technical Cooperation of JICA →photos
Sep, 2013.Japan International Cooperation Agency Partnership Program in India Slum Children's Concert./produced by Chidren's Concert /produced by Musical Notes of Light
Concert at Kesennuma-Miyagi →photos
Aug, 2013.we held a concert at Kesennuma-Miyagi had earthquake and tsunami 2011.
Concert at Hakodate Trappist monastery →photos
Jul, 2013.Concert of lute and recorder
Ensemble Wien came to KRO niigata →photos
Jul, 2013.Members of the Ensemble Wien had a lesson in the "Magic Flute".
Pan Recoder concert at Hashimoto →photos
Jun, 2013. Pan Recorder Orchestra and La Strada
Recorder concert at Fuji →photos
May, 2013.Fuji recorder orchestra concert
La Strada concert at Okinawa →photos
May, 2013. we had a concert at Miyakojima, Okinawa.
Recorder concert at Yokohama →photos
May, 2013.YAMAHA recorder school concert
Lessons Resume →photos
May, 2013.Yuki Shibamoto actress. She is my students from at the age of nine. Recorder lessons Resume
Recorder concert in Yokohama →photos
Apr, 2013.Recorder concert at sugeki-Recorders
Recorder festival in Yokohama →photos
Mar, 2013.Recorder festival at sugitagekijou vol.6
Art Exhibition →photos
Jan, 2013. "build a human person" Hiroyuki Hayashida.
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