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I was asked to be a teacher of the NHK Educational TV program for schools "The Recorder Sings" in the fall of 1985. From the following spring(1986)to the spring of 1997 for ten years when the program was on the air, I enjoyed making the program. In the program I was able to combine three separately studied subjects, music education, recorder, and musicology into one. I was very happy and also grateful that I could come up with so many good ideas during these ten years. I tried very hard for the benefit of schoolteachers and their pupils to deliver as many educational ideas, and as good teaching methods of the recorder as possible, and as good music with a good sound as possible into the classrooms.

I make an original plan for the teachers' textbook and the script for the NHK school program. I consult the program commitee, have them check my plan , and then the textbook is made public.

Meanwhile, I had the word "tatebue ( a pipe played vertically held) denoted as "recorder" and the recorder categorized into "wooden pipes" instead of "other musical instruments" in the Teaching Guidance issued by the Education Ministry. The concept of improvisation playing with sounds, or the making of an earthen pipe "yayoi tutibue" demonstrated in the program influenced the Education Ministry, with the result that since the 4th year of Heisei "Improvising" has been included in its Teaching Guidance. These are some of my contributions through the program to Japanese music education, which I always tried to do.

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